Here are some examples of the start-ups whose businesses I'm helping build:  


Compettia is a technology start-up helping to increase employee engagement through gamification of training, product, and other materials. I've created marketing content for the Atrivity product, including blogs and long-form whitepapers. Click the picture above for samples of my content marketing. 




Sarada is a women's fitness brand start-up, with tie-ins to personal training and fitness competitions. I've worked alongside the founder to develop a business model that includes international expansion, market segmentation, and content creation. For the latter part I contribute to a blog related to women and fitness. Click the logo above for more information. 


NR DEsign collection- Nancy Robbins design studio

US-and-Spain-based design studio NR Design Collection is headed by designer Nancy Robbins, and includes work on interiors, merchandise marts, furniture and accessories design, restaurants and hotels, etc. I've worked with Nancy for several years on multiple projects, including initial business plan and rollout for all US initiatives, and expansion of the merchandise mart business plan internationally. 



Yok Casa + cultura

Yok Casa + Cultura is a luxury apartment and cultural space for both locals and visitors to Barcelona. The hotel was opened in 2014 after a complete eco-renovation and holds as one of its founding principles eco-responsible design and living. I worked with the founders on their initial business plan and strategy, in addition to helping plan promotional campaigns and market-entry strategies, and continue to advise them as the business develops.