My name is Benjamin and I observe, catalogue, and comment on trends in business strategy, creative branding and technology. I also help start-ups and entrepreneurs build stronger businesses.

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I’m originally from new york, but have been based in Barcelona, Spain, since 2011. I love writing, technology, branding and creative strategy and living in different countries. I am currently a branding and business strategist for a creative agency, working between our los angeles headquarters and office in barcelona. I am passionate about branding and its impact on individuals, organizations, and society. 

Separately, i write about business and technology, and help organizations build out their growth strategies.

Some context: I have lived and worked principally as a Business strategy consultant in saudi arabia, nigeria, dubai, austria, kuwait, india, greece, russia, and argentina, amongst others. i earned my bilingual mba from esade business school in barcelona, and prior to that my undergraduate degree in english from wesleyan university in the United States. you can learn more about my professional trajectory from my linkedin profile.


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